On Dowsing | Nov 2010

FMBR Editorial: Nov, 2010

On Dowsing

Jerry Gin and William C. Gough

My Introduction to Dowsing

Jerry Gin, Chairman

Two years ago the only thing I knew about dowsing was the common knowledge that certain gifted folks who used forked sticks could find water.  That all changed when I went to a spoon bending PK party and was given a pendulum.  I was told to calibrate my pendulum to be able to say “yes” or “no” (you learned about this if you had gone to the PK spoon bending party on Oct 29th).  To be able to tap into universal knowledge or knowledge from your own higher self to get answers on almost any question was astonishing to me.  Just about everyone in the spoon bending party was able to get the pendulum to say “yes” and “no” – so this is not a gift of the few, but a phenomenon that just about everyone has (we are all “gifted”).

The above incident was the beginning of my sojourn into the world of expanded knowledge through dowsing.  I went to a monthly San Jose Dowsing Society meeting and was taught how to use other tools such as the L-rod to look for water.  Again, everyone in the room could do this, including myself, after just learning how to hold the L-rod.  Next, I met Pete Warburton at Starbucks in Cupertino who teaches people to use dowsing for healing purposes (he does this every Saturday and Sunday at noon).  This opened up the world of healing with this versatile tool.  I then met another very gifted lady who does feng shui and can use the dowsing tools to look for negative energies that need clearing.  I then learned that the American Society of Dowsers (www.dowsers.org ) had a week long series of courses for dowsers at Santa Cruz University during the 4th of July holidays.  I took Walt Woods workshop on "Dowsing and Longevity” and was again amazed at the many uses for the wonderful tool of dowsing.  By that time I had already read his “bible” of dowsing, Letter to Robin (concise and easy to read; you will get a copy when you take his workshop).

At the course, Walt taught us a “personal dowsing system” which expanded the universe of answers one can get with dowsing.  My next major step in dowsing came when we invited Robert Gilbert to talk about “ Egyptian and European Vibrational Research: Discovering the Keys to Life and Healing”.  His talk and workshop opened up a whole new world of looking at use of dowsing as a tool to explore vibrational energies – this is truly pioneering work with huge ramifications.  At that meeting, I met Ralph Squire who heads up the Subtle Energy Research Institute to generate awareness on subtle energy.  I am now on his emailing list to receive a lot of fascinating information; in one of his emails he gives the link to a compendium of information on dowsing.

My wife got convinced about the utility of dowsing when she had put away an envelope with some cash in it and spent days looking for the envelope.  I took out my pendulum and went through the rooms of the house and asked if it was in each of the rooms.  The pendulum eventually brought me to the bedroom.  I asked if it was in a particular chest of drawers.  It said “yes”.  Then I asked if it was in the top drawer and it said “yes”.  I opened the drawer, lifted up the clothes and the missing envelope was there!

Dowsing - As Old as Humanity

William C. Gough, Co-Founder & CEO Emeritus

The history of dowsing is as old as humanity. "The writings of Confucius (2500 B.C.) mention dowsing. A statue of Chinese Emperor Kwang Yu (2200 B.C.) portrays him holding a forked stick (commonly used for dowsing). Similarly, the oldest Egyptian stone drawings and carvings show men in exotic headdresses holding forked sticks or pendulums."  (Innerfeld, 2010)
I find dowsing to be an amplification of the body's response to input received from the "Absolute," the "Cosmic Consciousness," the Akashic Field." the "Universal Mind" or whatever name you give to that oneness that so many have experienced. Dowsing is a helpful tool for obtaining information and guidance from that oneness. However, it is not necessary for receiving such intuitive feedback.

In practice meaningful results will be critically dependent upon:

  1. One's ability to successfully link into the "Cosmic Consciousness." Doubts or negative thoughts/beliefs greatly weaken this ability. This is why children are most often more successful. They have not yet acquired as many strong beliefs in what is possible or not possible.
  2. The clarity and sincerity of the question you are dowsing. The question is your request and instructions to the "Cosmic Consciousness." If the question is not clear with sincere intent, the feedback response you receive will not be accurate. Dowsing is traditionally employed to locate ground water, buried metals or ores, etc.

From the Foundation's perspective we have focused upon the use of dowsing as a helping tool for guiding improvements in your body, emotions and spiritual life.

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