Resonance, Coherence, and Us

Resonance, Coherence, and Us

Willian C. Gough and Dean Brown

Updated May 12, 2006


Past papers by Gough & Shacklett have proposed a cosmology of multiple (seven) levels or fields of waves, related to each other, not causally, but by reflecting a common pattern. This common pattern or archetype arises from a potential beyond space and time in what we have called the "Absolute" . It is this reflection from the Absolute that makes an action on one level able, under certain circumstances, to move, by a resonance phenomenon, the pattern or entity that corresponds to it on another level.

To fully perceive the Absolute, largely incoherent wave patterns must be transformed into a coherent system. Not just at the physical level but at all the intermediate subtle levels as well. Through this process an organism consisting of a multiplicity of tissues and cells and astronomical numbers of molecules of many different kinds can develop and function optimally as a whole. The coherence process enables an organism to have energy at will via a resonance phenomenon that occurs at all levels. The process operates via fields -- domains of influence that impose order at each of the levels.

The paper will conclude with a brief discussion of healing and disease as they relate to information transfer to the body via coherence/resonance using homeopathy as an example. In the physical body water molecules moving in a coordinated fashion are the key for the functioning of this coherence/resonance process. Such regions of stable coherence are specific in structure and vibration, and carry enough energy not to be disrupted by random forces. These coherent clusters of water are capable of reproducing themselves. The clusters can carry complex and subtle information, including information received from the Absolute.


This paper has three goals. First, our focus will be upon the interface between the physicality of space-time and a non-physical aspect of reality beyond space and time that we have named the "Absolute." Second, we will address the mechanism for the interaction of the physical and non-physical worlds. Third, we will do this by describing the wave nature of the universe and the wave phenomena of resonance, harmonics, coherence, and the associated fields. Fields are domains of influence established by waves that impose order within the physical world.

Background -- The Model

We propose the existence of multiple three-dimensional spaces and times that are co-existent and interpenetrating. The three-dimensional spaces are assumed to emerge from a background of creative intelligence/potential -- the Absolute. Within each interpenetrating space or "level", order and form arise out of an underlying base of randomness.

In this paper we use a cosmology of multiple (seven) levels or fields of waves, related to each other, not causally, but by reflecting a common pattern. This common pattern or archetype arises from a potential in the Absolute beyond space and time. It is this reflection from the Absolute that makes an action on one level able, under certain circumstances, to move by a resonance phenomenon the pattern or entity that corresponds to it on another level. There exists degrees of physicality between the most concrete, i.e., the totally gross, and the Absolute -- the totally subtle, abstract, and immaterial. Laws of physicality apply at each of the seven levels, but vary between levels. For instance, the speed of light in a vacuum may be different at different levels. The degree of materiality would increase as one progresses from the Absolute to the gross physical. This model is described in greater detail in a paper by Gough and Shacklett (Gough & Shacklett, 1999; Gough, 2000). The basic model is illustrated in Figure 1. Its roots go back into antiquity but the specifics could be said to start a century ago with the work of C.W. Leadbeater, the Theosophist, and from more recent extensions made by Dr. Elmer Green of the Menninger Foundation (Leadbeater, 1902/1975; Green & Green, 1989).

The Absolute

The Absolute is the creative source of all physicality. In the Absolute space and time have no meaning, there is no kinetic energy, only potential. It is "nothing" in a physical sense; the ancients called it the "void." However, it is not "nothing" in a shape sense. It is a field of unmanifest forms, a field of ideals, the home of spirit, and the soil for the "non-locality" phenomena of physics. The concept of "fields" is important and we will discuss it in more detail later in the paper.


The concept of the Absolute can appear very abstract at first. To make it more concrete, let's consider the issue of "choice" for the various "kingdoms" in our physical world -- mineral, vegetable, animal, and human as illustrated on Figure 1. Choice is made via conscious or subconscious intention. The brain is an organ optimized for "choice". We would say it has the ability to tune to the patterns of the Absolute. The brain evolved to allow an organism to move through the environment safely. For example, the life cycle of the sea squirt provides an interesting perspective upon the purpose of the brain. The sea squirt is a coral like creature. It starts out its life equipped with a brainlike ganglion that receives information about its surrounding environment. However, as an adult the sea squirt attach itself to a rock. They have no further use for the choice function of the brain -- and they devour their own brains! Dr. Rodolfo Llinas, a founding father of modern brain science states "that brains are an evolutionary prerequisite for guided movement in primitive animals." (Llinas, 2001, pp.15-18)

We should not overemphasize the brain when we consider interactions with the Absolute. You don't have to have a brain to make choices -- amoeba do it quite successfully without any brain. We are describing a feedback like process that has evolved from the single cell upward for what is normally considered life, but we believe exists for all matter. This process constitutes "mind" at its various levels that we have differentiated by their ability to make choices. A common division is by the kingdoms of mineral, plant, animal, and human. The higher levels encompass the lower, for example humans are composed of cells which have a more limited range of choice.

An interesting aspect is how a mental intention field can be created in living systems that affects the material world. It does not have to be a human to have such effects as the following experiment between chicks and a mechanical robot demonstrate. A robot driven by a random event generator conditioned chicks emerging from the egg. The chicks take the robot to be their mother, since it is the first thing they see moving. Such "imprinting" is a well studied phenomena (Llinas, 2001, pp.197-199). When the conditioned chicks are removed, the robot continues to produce a random pattern as illustrated in Figure 2a. However, when the one day old chicks, who took the robot to be their mother, are returned to a coop near the robot, they affect the robot's movement -- Figure 2b. The chicks' intentions were enough to constrain the robot's random movements and keep the robot close to their coop. It was therefore the chicks' unconscious desire, their expectations, which controlled the movements of a non-living robot (Sheldrake, 1999, p.p.271-274).

This example illustrates that our intentions can arise from both conscious and unconscious early programing. From such programing we develop our belief system. This in turn shape and places constraints on our personal bio-field (Gough, 2000).


Everything in the universe is vibrating, all forms and patterns have a wave spectrum associated to them. The correspondence between physical shape and wave spectrum and vice versa, is described by the field of mathematics known as drum theory (Peterson, 1998; Gordon & Webb, 1996). It has been shown that two "drumheads" of different shape can have the same vibration frequencies. Thus, we have a basis for considering waves as primary. We believe that waves create the pattern and forms of the physical, creating a holographic universe that is continually changing. In the Absolute waves represent the physical potential of resonances.

The strings of a violin, guitar, or piano can be considered a one-dimensional drum. When set into vibration the string moves in a pattern described by a mathematical expression known as the wave equation -- the same equation that underlies quantum mechanics. When the wave equation is solved for a vibrating string with fixed ends, one obtains a set of modes or harmonics -- in music these are called overtones. In fact any sound -- from a car, a train, an airplane, or one's voice -- can be broken down into a spectrum of waves or pure tones which when combined produce the original sound. This is the basis of the Fourier expansion which was so influential in physics and mathematics in the nineteenth century. Its influence continued into the twentieth century where it provided the basis for quantum mechanics.

In addition to the Fourier relationship between wave shape and its wave spectrum, every form contains the essence of a spectrum of waves. According to the mathematics of drum theory, every shape possesses a set of proper modes of vibration -- for example, a violin string, a drum head, a torus, a saddle. These modes can be seen in the fundamental and harmonics (overtones) of a violin string, for example. An octave (doubling) has very different quality than a seventh interval. These fundamentals and their harmonics are related numerically -- a fact that fascinated Pythagoras. These harmonic relationships exist without regard to space, time or vibrations. They are mathematical relationships, in potentia, not dependent on mass or energy or materials.

When we think of a drum we usually visualize a two-dimensional surface firmly fastened to a rigid rim. Whenever you change the shape of the drumhead and you get a set of different harmonics -- a different frequency spectrum. No matter what the shape of the drum, there exists no fundamental problem in determining the characteristic harmonic vibrations. Mathematicians are not constrained by the three dimensions of ordinary space. Drum theory can be applied to geometric shapes that might exist at any higher dimensional level.

The next question is whether we can reverse the procedure? Can we go from a spectrum of waves that corresponding to a set of harmonics and obtain the corresponding shape? Can we "hear" multidimensional geometries, just like we can hear the shape of a piano string which is a one-dimensional drum? The answer is yes. However, there can be more than one shape that corresponds to the spectrum of waves! This is why we consider waves as being primary over shape -- a given wave spectrum can create more than one physical pattern or form. Figure 3 shows two soundalike "bells", i.e., three-dimensional "drums" (Peterson, 1998, p.97).

Holographic Universe

Science agrees that everything in the universe is vibrating. Our position is that vibration in the form of waves is primary, and that pattern, form and matter arise from the interaction of waves -- akin to interference patterns, holograms, and standing waves. Thus, matter could be considered a hologram of "frozen light."

Since holograms are created by the interaction of waves, and the universe is composed of waves, every small part of the universe is a representation of the whole just as in a hologram. Physicist David Bohm named the dynamical process of creation a "holomovement" -- an unbroken and undivided totality (Bohm, 1980). In a holographic universe, anyone can understand and know the universe from their own back yard. This is why isolated ancient civilizations could gain so much wisdom about the universe without the use of modern technology.


To comprehend how we can gain knowledge from the Absolute, we need to understand the phenomenon of resonance. Every form has one or more natural vibrational potentials. In the space-time world of physicality, resonance is the transference of energy between similar shapes and forms vibrating at the same frequency. Very powerful energy transfers occur for identical frequencies. But for frequencies far apart energy transfers are essentially undetectable.

Here are a few examples. Hit a C note on a piano keyboard and the other C notes in the other octaves will vibrate and you can hear them. There exists a resonance between the note you struck and the overtones (harmonics) of that note in the other octaves of the keyboard. Remember movies in which an opera star sings a high note and holds it long enough for the wine glass to break. She is singing a note that is in resonance with the glass. The longer she holds the note the more energy is imparted to the glass until there is sufficient energy to break the glass. In the San Francisco earthquake buildings that were close suffered different fates -- some collapsed others where unharmed. The wave spectrum of any structure is determined by its form, and hence its natural frequency. When the wave of the earthquake is in resonance with that frequency the building will couple to the earthquake's energy. When a building is not in resonance it will receive far less energy and be spared.

Our final example is the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Washington state that was nicknamed "Galloping Gertie". On July 1, 1940 the bridge opened. At that time it was the third longest suspension bridge in the world. Its center span was 2,800 feet and weight 8,000 tons. Four months after its opening, on November 7, 1940, a persistent 42 mile per hour wind was blowing down the river. The wind set up whirlpools of air or vortices that pushed on the deck of the bridge -- just as you would push a swing to get your child to go higher and higher. Figure 4a shows this massive bridge collapsing into the river. As a bridge designer said in 1836, the wind can set bridge decks into oscillation like the bow of a violin string. Great power can be transferred when a resonance exists (Petroski, 1995; Becker, 1969).

The above are examples of the power of resonance between events in the physical. Now lets return to the Absolute. Recall that the Absolute represents a field of unmanifest forms, and hence, via drum theory, correspond to a spectrum of waves. In turn, this wave spectrum represents a potential for resonating with corresponding forms in space-time. This is why we stated that every form has one or more natural vibrational potentials. We did not use the word "frequencies" since frequency implies time, and in the Absolute there is no time, only "potentials". Yet via resonance these "potentials" can be used to tap the infinite energy that underlies the quantum vacuum of space-time. This is the source of the power available when one establishes a resonant coupling with the Absolute.


In science we often use the term "fields". Fields are self-organizing domains of influence. They represent the creative patterns produced by waves. Fields impose order within the levels of physical manifestation that are illustrated in Figure 1. The most general term used to describe the field phenomenon is morphogenetic field, where morphe means form and gensis means coming into being. In physics we speak of electro-magnetic fields, nuclear fields, and gravitational fields. Most of you will remember scattering iron filings upon a piece of paper and then putting a magnet underneath. Almost by magic the iron filings organize into a clear pattern that reflects the magnetic field. But there exist additional fields associated with living systems. They have been given various names such as biological fields, mental fields, and social fields.

Fields exist within fields, that exist within fields, etc. Fields are a nested hierarchy of self-organizing systems. For example subatomic particles exist within atoms that exist with molecules that exist within crystals. Or one could think of the atoms that makeup the proteins that makeup the cells that make up the organs that makeup the human body. Or one could talk about the individuals that form a family that form a society that form a nation.

As an example we will consider the cooperative feats of social insects like the compass termites from Australia. Millions of these insects form a superorganism. As shown in Figure 5 they build enormous structures using a remarkable and complex division of labor. The structures are built over long periods of time that require generations of workers. They incorporate practical considerations by designing their mounds to face north to minimize the midday heat. But where is the preconceived plan, unlike humans they have no blue prints (Sheldrake, 1988).

Another example would be the migration of insects. Every winter, a flurry of 150 million monarch butterflies descends on a small mountain village west of Mexico City to play in the sun, drink nectar, and mate. After mating, the males die and the females head north, laying their eggs on milkweed plants in northern Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, or Kansas. The eggs hatch, and the new monarchs head for the Great Lakes region. Later, the generation born around the Great Lakes flies to the East Coast, where they breed and die. Their offspring then head south toward the Gulf Coast and on to Mexico, traveling as far as 90 miles per day and completing the great circle around half the continent. How do butterflies that are the great-great-grandkids of those that headed north the previous spring find their way back to the same mountains in Mexico? And why do butterflies which must be five or six generations removed from any possible memory of a small grove populated it year after year? How can they fly thousands of miles from where they were hatched to small groves of trees they have never been? (Morrison, 2000; Hoffman, 1998)

Migrational patterns exist not only for insects but for other species such as birds which have returned home over distances of up to 4,000 miles. The most extensive research on these skills has been done with homing pigeons. This research has been carried out over the last hundred years. The research has shown that the ability to return is not do to familiar landmarks since the pigeons were temporally blinded by being fitted with frosted-glass contact lenses. The ability was shown not to be due to smell since researchers blocked the nostrils with wax and even severed the olfactory nerve. The ability is not due to a memory of the journey out since researchers transported the birds in rotating containers. The homing pigeons also didn't depend upon observation of the sun since they were effective on overcast days and nights. Even when their internal clock was significantly shifted by keeping them in artificial light at night or darkness during the day, when released they corrected their course and few home. Nor was this homing ability due to the pigeons' ability to detect variations in the earth's magnetic field. Pigeons can return from any location. They pass through different geomagnetic field orientations that they have never experienced before. To remove any doubt about magnetic fields being navigational markers, researchers attached powerful magnets to the birds that canceled the earth's magnetic effect -- yet the birds still returned (Sheldrake, 1999, pp.188-191).

How much could these abilities be influenced by genetics? In Europe, the migration path of starling birds was interrupted. Eleven thousand starlings were marked and displaced in an experiment that was repeated for several years. The mature and juvenile birds were separated. As shown in Figure 6, the mature birds even though displaced to Zurich altered their path and continued to fly to their original migration target in England. However, the juvenile birds continued on from Zurich in the direction of the migration path they started out upon and ended up in France and Spain. The interesting result is that the next year the young birds returned to France and Spain. A new migration cycle had been established in one generation. Therefore, a migration pattern is not genetically fixed, it is not hard wired into the body, and it doesn't require a chance genetic mutation to alter the pattern. Behavioral changes to the social field of the birds represent a flexible response -- it is not instinctual (Sheldrake, 1999, pp.204-207).

We believe that the above are examples of field effects in living systems -- where a field organizes individual and collective behavior. Such fields exist for the human species. The hopeful evidence is that such behavioral fields can be changed which is what we will now discuss. In fact, the application of "field shaping" is under serious consideration as a tool in modern corporate restructuring (Jaworski, Gozdz & Senge, 1997).


The social fields of humans arise from our individual mental fields. One's beliefs, both conscious and unconscious, determine the shape of your field. Since shape affects resonances, beliefs can serve as a constraint upon possible resonances both in physicality and with the Absolute. It is for this reason that changing belief is so important when one wants to heal the body and mind.

Your overall mental field consists of many sub-fields. When one places intention upon a sub-field, i.e., you place an intention behind a thought, that mental field is set into specific vibration and starts a resonant interaction. Common examples are using intention to find a parking place, or more seriously using intention to help heal oneself. You can focus intention upon a more encompassing fields -- God, Allah, the Great Spirit, etc. and surrender to the will of that enveloping field. Such a practice represents a key element of all the major spiritual traditions. The sincerity behind the intention represents duration (perseverance) and determines the energy behind the resonant interaction. This is similar to the opera singer holding the high note long enough to impart enough energy to break the glass -- to accomplish the intention. Bill Gough discusses Belief, Intention, and Sincerity in detail in a recently published paper (Gough, 2000).

We can now review the manifestation process for creating outcomes and events in the physical world. The process starts with unmanifest forms in the Absolute remembering that all forms are equivalent to a spectrum of waves. Such forms or patterns can induce resonance and, hence, will manifest at all the levels of physicality. Thus, all material reality emanates by resonance from the Absolute between like forms into the seven levels of physicality. A continuous, undivided flow which constructs space-time, fields, and matter from a world of forms sustains the manifest world. Intention via choice can affect the process of emergent forms and how they manifest in the physical. This is accomplished by altering a form and changing the "feedback" loop for the return to the Absolute. Each choice creates a break in symmetry -- a difference. This results in an altered form, a new wave spectrum, and hence a different resonance. For humans this process of creative choice has been called "free will." Figure 1 illustrates the process.

Sacred Geometries

Forms in the Absolute are often called "sacred geometries." Sacred geometries of the Absolute manifest via a fractal process that starts in the randomness of the quantum vacuum. The randomness underlies all seven levels of the physical. Physicists agree that the quantum vacuum represents an essentially infinite sea of energy upon which "matter floats". The seven levels involve a process of relationships, of changing patterns, in which discrete shifts from randomness towards complete order system are occurring. The end result is a system with optimum coherence, a term we will discuss more later (Freiberger, 1960). This shift from potential to physical form starts at the Absolute. The process, however, is counterbalanced in the physical by the continual movement from coherent ordered systems towards a return to chaos, to randomness -- a process known as the second law of thermodynamics. The two flows in Figure 1 of "EMERGENT FORMS" on the left and "RETURN TO ABSOLUTE" on the right represent this feedback process.

How do these fractal structures arise our of the randomness? Figure 7 illustrates how a fractal structure that resembles a sea coast emerges from a simple repetitive process. Figure 8 shows that such a process can produce scenes very reminiscent of actual nature and is why such techniques are often used in the motion picture industry to simulate nature. The next question is: Can we relate the fractal process to the resonant phenomenon that we postulate connects the "sacred geometries" of the Absolute to the world of physicality? What we have discussed so far in drum theory have been simple shapes, but there exists extensive studies of "fractal drums". For example, Figure 9 illustrates the harmonics of a fractal snowflake and hence the potential for resonance. In a fractal process there exists what are called "attractors". These can be considered fields that attract events towards a goal -- or purpose. It is these fields that one creates and interacts with through mental intention.

So now let's explore in more detail how a person participates in creating the reality they will experience. First you must set a clear goal. You are now about to initiate the creation process. The process will proceed from the infinite potential of the Absolute. In the world of physicality, this manifestation process starts from the random world of chaos that exists at every level; and proceeds to organize energy via a fractal like technique. To actually initiate the process you must now set a sincere intent for the achievement of your goal. This will establishes the field -- the attractor. Different individuals have different skills in the use of intention, so some will be more successful at this process than others. However, the skill can be cultivated.

The process that you have set in motion uses the forces of Nature, and will operate within the constraints of Nature. As time goes on you must compare your goal with where you are in achieving that goal. Synchronicities will be occurring during this time period. These "accidents" are purposeful responses to your intention and should be taken into account. When they occur apply them to your intention. Compare where you are at and make a mid-course correction. This could even involve modifying your goal. In effect you are engaged in a process of field shaping -- you are molding, sculpturing, and fine tuning your goal. You are steadily moving from randomness to structure -- towards the materialization of your goal. You will continue this iterate technique until you achieve your goal -- until it has manifested.

The best results will occur when you can start from a perfectly random background, i.e., when no constraints exist from previous related fields. The opposite is also true. If strong related but opposing fields exist, then a single person's intention will most likely be inadequate to bring about the manifestation of that particular goal. However, as the number of persons with a similar intention increases, the probability of achieving the goal likewise increases.


If the universe can be considered all waves, then a human body can be viewed as a composite of interacting waves. This means that electromagnetic wave frequencies and sound waves can have effects upon the body. The fields of vibrational and informational medicine are based upon this principle. These alternative and complementary healing techniques have been applied and studied extensively (Burton Goldberg Group, 1997; Gerber, 1988). In recent years the science underlying such techniques has received increasing attention. For example, a major conference held by the New York Academy of Sciences focused upon the neuroscience of music cognition (Zatorre & Peretz, 2001).

To understand how light, color, sound, and music have the power to heal the body, we need to discuss the concept of "coherence." Coherence is the term used when everything gets into synchronization. The parts act in a coordinated fashion. They resonate as a whole. Thus, the effect is to cause a larger ensemble of the various components of our body, like our cells, to function in harmony. When this happens the waves go into phase, i.e., the waves synchronize and become effectively one wavelength. An example of waves interacting synergistically is in a laser. Most people are familiar with the power that a laser can deliver and have seen pictures of holes being drilled in steel plates using the light beam of a laser.

Coherence increases the available energy. Dr. William A. Tiller in his book Science and Human Transformation illustrates the energy changes involved in going from incoherent light emission to coherent light emission.

Let us consider the case of a typical home-use 60 watt light bulb. It give some light but not a lot of light. This is mostly because the emitted photons destructively interfere with each other and most of the bulb's potential effectiveness is destroyed. Such a light bulb emits �1watt per cm2. In comparison, our sun emits �6,000 watts per cm2 at its surface. If we could somehow take the same number of photons emitted by the light bulb per second and orchestrate their emission to be in phase with each other, them we would have constructive interference of these same photons and now the energy density at the surface of the light bulb would be thousands to millions of times higher than the present photon energy density at the surface of the sun. This is a measure of the power transformation inherent in going from an incoherent device to a coherent device (Tiller, 1997).


Homeopathy is an excellent example for understanding the concept of resonance and coherence in the healing arts. Homeopathy is based upon the "law of similars", i.e., one finds a substance that when given to a healthy person produces the same symptoms as the disease one wants to treat. A homeopathic solution usually in water is produced via a series of dilutions of a substance often until no atoms of the original material remain. Only an imprint or memory remains. At each stage of the dilution process the solution is shaken in a technique known as "succussion." This application of kinetic energy binds and stabilizes the imprint/memory (Gray, 2000, pp. 7-13).

The homeopathic solution which is chemically nothing but water but containing an imprint/memory for a cure. This represents "informational medicine". So the question then is how does it work in the body. There exist two hundred years of application that support the success of homeopathic solutions in both humans and animals. First we should realize that 95% of the molecules in our bodies are water (Gray, 2000, p.53). Also, it has long been recognized that cell-associated water has different properties than ordinary water (Drost-Hansen & Singleton, 1989). Research has shown that water has regions of both random and coherent molecules. The coherent regions form clusters -- an analogy would be small ice crystals in water. When water becomes highly clustered it is called "structured water," and it is recognized to have an informational content. The clusters in the coherent regions replicate information via resonance spreading the information throughout the body (Gray, 2000, pp.63-73).

Research experiments on the effect of a homeopathic solution upon metamorphosis shed important insight into the concepts of resonance, coherence and waves. The experiments were done on the metamorphosis of larvae to tadpoles to tree frogs. Tree frogs were chosen because the end point of when the feet breakout of the membrane can be measured precisely. Figure 10 illustrates that adding homeopathic solutions with dilutions of up to 10-8 will accelerate the process, while dilutions of from 10-11 to 10-30 inhibited the process. Information from the coherent structures in the homeopathic solution has spread throughout the water that the larva are swimming in and been communicated to the water in the lava's body and changed its normal behavior. Control water and solutions made without succussion had no effect on the lava.

Now the experiment becomes more interesting as shown in Figure 11. Instead of dropping the homeopathic liquid into the water in which the larva swim, only a sealed glass vial containing the homeopathic solution is inserted into the water. The same results are obtained! The information has been transmitted through the glass. Therefore the information appears to be electromagnetic waves. We recall again that everything in the universe is vibrating, this, of course, includes the molecules of water.

Finally, in a very exciting experiment illustrated in Figure 12, the fact that the information in coherent water is transmitting electromagnetic waves is tested. The homeopathic solution contained in a sealed glass vial is attached to an oscilloscope and amplifier. The digitized frequencies are then transmitted to another sealed glass vial containing pure water. This vial which has absolutely none of the original homeopathic solution is inserted into the water with the larva. The same results are obtained on accelerating and inhibiting the time when the lava's feet breakout of their membrane! This implies that informational medicine can even be transmitted over the internet! The results of these experiments have been duplicated in ten other laboratories (Gray,2000, pp.115-119; Bellavite & Signorini, 1995).


The key points in this paper can be summarized as follows: The Absolute is the generative source of all creation, the intelligence/wisdom behind the generative source has been named God, Allah, and the Great Spirit. In the Absolute sacred geometries are the primary forms -- its unbounded potential. In the physical waves are primary -- matter can be considered "frozen waves." Intention is the key creative tool. Resonance and coherence are the creative mechanisms. Field shaping is the objective. Manifestation in the physical is the result.


The authors wish to thank Robert Bourdeaux (21312 Bourdeaux Place, Gaithersburg, MD 20882-1993) for his artistic contribution to the creation of Figures 1.


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Updated May 12, 2006.

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