The Law of One Study Guide

The Law of One Intro and Study Guide

The series of books, "The Law Of One" is well worth our serious consideration and study.

From the first page of the Law of One site:

"I am Ra. The Law of One, though beyond the limitations of name, as you call vibratory sound complexes, may be approximated by stating that all things are one, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator." (from session 4)

 The site has a breakdown by session or topic of the Law of One.

The complete set of five books are available as PDF files from L/L Research.

A printed version of the books and other related material is available at L/L Research's Online Store.

The Law of One Study Guide

The Law of One, The Study Guide is a wonderful summary of information from Ra as compiled by Bob Childers, Ph.D., with additional compilation by David Wilcock.  The Ra material was channeled in 1981 by Carla Rueckert, based on questions from Don Elkins, Ph.D. with Jim McCarty as the scribe. Ra is the social memory complex (integrated group soul) of a 6th density race which has been helping to guide mankind in its evolution as a 3rd density race moving into the 4th density at the current time.

The information from Ra is to help humanity as it seeks the truth of who we really are — the truth is embodied in the Law of One, The Study Guide is a "must read" book for those seeking to understand who we really are and how we can evolve in our consciousness from our current 3rd density.

We are given information on what humanity becomes as we move through the various densities or "octaves." The Law of One also explains the story of creation. In addition, we are given glimpses of other ET races which have been in contact with humans.

Below is a table of contents developed from the "Study Guide", with links to each section:

Law of One Study Guide Contents

Section One

The Beginning and Ending Statements
1. Introduction to Ra Material
2. The History of Ra
3. How Were the Pyramids Built?
4. The Various Origins of the 3rd Density Beings on Earth
5. Simultaneous Time 6. The Higher Self

Section Two

7. The Beginning of All Things
8. The Tools of Reason = 3 Basic Distortions of the One
9. The Creation
10. The Law of One
11. An Extension of The 1st Distortion
12. An Infringement on Free Will
13. The Mystery of Infinity

Section Three

14. The Architecture And Nature of The Densities
15. The Galaxies
16. The Planets in Our Galaxy
17. Some Planets in Our Galaxy Were Created Without Polarity
18. The Sirius System and Balance
19. The Sun
20. The Black Hole and the Great Central Sun
21. The Coming Earth Changes
22. The Harvest of Planet Earth
23. The Harvest of Venus

Section Four

24. Spiritual Growth
25. Being Truly Helpful
26. An Important Variable: Polarity
27. Meditation
28. Enlightenment
29. Jesus, an Enlightened Healer

Section Five

30. Can You Train Us in Healing Awareness?
31. Healing
32. Balance Can Remove the Need For Catalysts
33. The End of the Physical Body (Death)
34. Mental Illness
35. Changing Society

Section Six

36. Sexual Energy
37. Rotation and Crystallization of Chakras
38. The 7 Chakras, Their Rays and Blockages
39. The Various Energy Bodies

Section Seven

40. The Confederation
41. UFOs
42. The Quarantine of Earth Affect on Free Will
43. The Great Choice: To Serve Others or Self
44. Entities of Negative Polarization
45. Psychic Greetings by Negatively Oriented Entities
46. How to Respond To Entities of Negative Polarization
47. The 10 Commandments

Section Eight

48. The Power of Crystals, Pyramids And Certain Sounds
49. Famous People
50. Nuclear Energy
51. Messages from Michael
52. Helpers
53. Atlantis
54. The Mind, Body, And Spirit
55. Working with Light
56. Right Brain/Left Brain
57. True Color


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